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Agility Racing Display

Unique, Quirky, Fun & Entertaining with lots of crowd participation

Watch in awe as our amazing Llamas show off their skills and show just how talented they are. Clap and cheer for your favourite as two llamas go head to head in the llama puissance to see which can jump the highest - you will be amazed!

Exciting, fun with crowd interaction

Watch two teams of super Llamas compete against each other in a fast action relay race. Cheer as members of the audience, under the supervision of trained handlers, lead their Llama through a testing obstacle course, jumping the hurdles, zig-zagging through weaving poles, ducking under limbo bars and negotiating hang-ing vines. A truly unique, exciting, action-packed display. Ideal for Agricultural Shows, Game fairs, Country Shows, Town Shows, Village Shows and corporate events.

A First In The UK!

The display is performed to music with an informative amusing commentary. Between displays the Llamas will be on show in a static stand where members of the public can get up close to these friendly majestic animals. A highlight and talking point for any event. To find out where you can watch the display check our Facebook page and blog.The team travels throughout the UK if you are interested in booking the display team or for further details please get in touch using our contact us page.