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Have been wanting to try the llama trek for sometime now! So today me and my 15 year old went along, what a very warm welcome. What passionate staff and the llamas were all very beautiful and very tame. We had a brief of what to do and what not to do, then a trek around the grounds where the…

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Percy knows just how handsome he is and loves to pose for all his adoring fans. He also seems to have a fancy for glasses (we think it’s because he can stare at his reflection).

Corky is only young and quite new to trekking but likes to think he can challenge Capsa when it comes to jumping the highest. He is also taking after Caspa by learning some of his tricks, he is getting quite competitive about it too.

Louie Another young llama Louie is as calm, soft, gentle and cuddly as they come. This gentle baby is only quite small, we think he may possibly be part alpaca. His size and attitude makes him perfect for children.

Benji is a very laid back llama and takes life at a slow crawl. He spends most of his time wondering about in a world of his own. He can often be found with his good friend Bertie.

Bertie or Roberto is unusual as he has one blue eye and one brown eye. He loves getting hugs and cuddles and is often found hanging out with his best friend Benji.

Fergus is one of our most stunning llamas here. He likes to think of himself as a lone ranger and therefore does what ever he wants without worrying about the others.

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Caspa likes to think he is above everyone else with his beautiful long hair and proud nature. He is also our show jumping llama so tends to jump around the farm and go pretty much wherever he likes. Caspa is very intelligent and knows lots of different tricks and commands.

Dec is a fun loving cheeky chap. He loves his side kick Ant and the duo love to entertain! Dec has been in training and will be joining the treks in 2016 he also shows promise as a ‘display llama’ fingers crossed for this ambitious llama!

Popeye Popeye is a young llama but don’t be fooled by his age, as he is definitely top of the herd here. He rules with a gentle touch and lets the others know if he is displeased simply with a pointed look. He is a very greedy llama but needs extra energy to fuel his extreme agility skills which he regularly shows off with as part of our Llama display team.